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i’m not sure how many folks read this, but i have a question. i am working on some religious rituals/ceremonies for various aspects of transition. first up is a naming ritual. if you were to have (or if you have had) a naming ritual, what would you want to be included? what kinds of things would be important for you to have said or to have a religious leader say? what would you want your community to hear? feel free to email me (anarchistreverend (at) gmail) if you don’t want to make a public post.

neglected blog

i realize that i haven’t written much on here lately. a couple of very nice people have stopped by and told me they wish i blogged more and so i decided to put at least a little something on the blog.

i realize that in some ways i’m not sure what to do with this space. as i move through my transition and am now to a point where i don’t really identify as trans or think about being trans on a daily basis (which is a luxury i do not take for granted) i feel like i have less to say. my theology is less a theology of being trans and more a theology of transition. so what do i write about now that transition is mostly over? i have been sitting with this question for the past several months and was unsure how to answer it.

a friend came to visit a couple of weekends ago and we got to talking and i realized i do have more to say in this space. there are thoughts that i need to develop more; there is more to my theology. i say all of that to say, hang in there; i’m not done with this space yet, there is more to come. i just need to find the time to flesh it out a bit more.

the other struggle that i have is wanting to do trans theology, but not necessarily wanting being trans to be my whole life. i am finally in a place where i am seen as male all of the time. i don’t have to worry about slipped pronouns or dirty looks in the bathroom. and now if someone does call me “she” i know that it’s a mistake and not because i’m not passing well enough. again, i realize how fortunate i am to have had access to the medical care i wanted. but it makes it hard. i know if i out myself as trans that people i know will look at me differently. and i’m not interested in being the poster child for trans people or trans theologians. however i do want to do trans theology and i would like to speak about it occasionally. i am unsure at this point how to reconcile my need to do theology with my need for privacy. there are no easy answers, but these are the things i am thinking through.