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a conversation

over the past several weeks, a new friend and i have been having a conversation over email about churches having inclusion statements (or not) and if that’s important (or not) to us as queer people. we’ve also been talking about what role the church should play in standing up for queer people. she has started posting our conversations on her blog (with my permission) and i wanted to share them here as well. in the first post she sets up the conversation and shares the first half of my initial response:

post #2 is the second half of my initial response:

the reason i am just posting links is because the comments that are happening are insightful and important and i would love for others to weigh in as well. i also just want to say how incredibly grateful i am to have a conversation that is so rooted in love and mutual respect. even though we’ve never met, our email exchanges have been gracious and generous. it’s a blessing to have this kind of dialogue and to see that kind of graciousness carried over into the comments. it’s such a rare thing nowadays and i am so, so thankful for it. so if you do comment, please keep that gracious spirit going.

a video post

sorry for the silence. i hope to be back with more content soon. but i did want to come out of hiding to post the following. i’ve been saddened and horrified to hear of all of the youth suicides that have been happening lately. i wanted to hopefully do something to help and so i recorded my first ever vlog as part of the “it gets better” campaign. i’ve read some criticism of this campaign but i still feel that getting these stories out there is important. and especially important to hear from religious folks. so here’s my video: