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river of sorrow

recently i’ve been watching the television show “bones”. there was an episode (season four episode 7 called “the he in the she”) that dealt with a trans minister. i have to admit that i was worried about how it would be handled. and i was upset that once again the trans person was the victim which is always problematic. (although that’s kind of what “bones” is about; investigating murders) however, this episode it is one of the best portrayals i’ve seen on television.

the gender identity of the woman was respected, there was a lot of good trans 101 education, and the religious aspect was quite beautiful. and, not to ruin the ending, but her trans identity had nothing to do with her murder which was quite remarkable.

during one of the closing scenes a song by antony and the johnsons plays. i had heard of this group before, but never really listened to them. after hearing the song in this episode i bought on of their albums. it’s shockingly beautiful and haunting music.

this is the song used in that episode of “bones”. this video is beautiful.