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custodial issues

when i was in college there was a guy who would sometimes lead chapel. before we would get started if there were any housekeeping type issues he would get those out of the way; except he called them “custodial issues”. that phrase has stuck with me and i continue to use it. so here is a post dealing with some “custodial issues”.

* once again i have neglected this blog but i plan on getting back to it. i am getting to the end of my reflections of the passion narrative and so i thought i would request some input. is there anything you would like to read my thoughts on? any questions you have for me (about my own faith journey, about my transition, about my theology)? are there any passages you would like me to tackle? let me know in the comment or send me an email.

* are there any features you would like to see on this blog? things like reader questions, music video days, guest bloggers, etc.? i’m looking for ways to make this space more interactive so your input would be lovely.

* i am available for speaking engagements. if your church/group needs someone to do some trans 101 stuff i can do that. i am also interested in speaking/teaching about trans theology or in guest preaching gigs. i can’t promise that i’ll be able to travel to where you are (unless your church or group can help out with transportation and lodging) but i am happy to speak for a love offering. if it is impossible for me to get to you, but you need someone to do some trans 101 stuff, contact me and i can try to put you in touch with someone in your area who has experience not only with gender stuff but also with church stuff as well.

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* you can always feel free to email me: anarchistreverend (at) gmail.

* consider this a reminder about the legalize trans campaign and their t-shirts. the shirts are really quite comfy, super well-made, and look great. and they have a new berry color! i would especially like to see these shirts popping up on allies/cis people. while i think it’s great when trans folks wear these shirts the reality is that it needs to be about more than just us advocating for ourselves. not to mention that it could be potentially dangerous for a trans person to out themselves by wearing the shirt. more cis allies wearing these shirts (and doing real activist work alongside of trans folks) is necessary for this movement. i don’t mean to say that wearing the shirts will change things, however the shirts do allow conversations to happen, questions to be raised, and add visibility to a silenced and hidden population. plus, the money raised goes toward some really good causes.

* all in all this post is to say thanks for reading and please feel free to connect with me and let me know how i can make this space more helpful for you. i want this space to be a resource for folks and would love your input on how to do that.

river of sorrow

recently i’ve been watching the television show “bones”. there was an episode (season four episode 7 called “the he in the she”) that dealt with a trans minister. i have to admit that i was worried about how it would be handled. and i was upset that once again the trans person was the victim which is always problematic. (although that’s kind of what “bones” is about; investigating murders) however, this episode it is one of the best portrayals i’ve seen on television.

the gender identity of the woman was respected, there was a lot of good trans 101 education, and the religious aspect was quite beautiful. and, not to ruin the ending, but her trans identity had nothing to do with her murder which was quite remarkable.

during one of the closing scenes a song by antony and the johnsons plays. i had heard of this group before, but never really listened to them. after hearing the song in this episode i bought on of their albums. it’s shockingly beautiful and haunting music.

this is the song used in that episode of “bones”. this video is beautiful.

new sidebar

there is now a new graphic in the sidebar. i’ve become an affiliate for a great organization called “legalize trans”. they sell t-shirts and other products to raise awareness about trans issues and to help trans folks raise money for surgeries and other expenses.

if you buy something through that link, i will get a small kickback. i plan on using it to help with the costs relating to this blog such as site hosting, etc.

the shirts are really cool and the organization (although new) is doing some really cool work. check them out and support!!