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around the web: relig-ish, daily tasks, and more

* I know I have mentioned Rachelle on here before, but I want to mention her again. She has a wonderful new post about finding and making texts sacred. I love her take on the world and her fresh views of finding a spirituality that fits. Subscribe to her blog; I promise you won’t be disappointed.

* Lately I’ve become such a fanboy for Brian Murphy. He has helped me to figure out a lot of things surrounding my writing and my activism. His newest post was really refreshing to read as I have been overwhelmed lately at trying to both keep up with both of my day jobs and feel like I have any energy left over at the end to do ministry (or even self care). Brian’s “Strategy + Action” list is a must for anyone doing activism/ministry.

* Jen Lemen is an amazing woman. Her blog posts always seem to speak to me in just the way I needed to be spoken to. This post is no exception. Jen has just started a new venture, “Hopeful World Publishing” and I encourage you to check them out. She tirelessly advocates for women and girls all over the world and is a wonderful artist as well.

What has been catching your eye around the web these days? What books are you reading? Feel free to share links in the comments!