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Around the web: Libraries, Coming out, and more

* Here is an interesting video clip about the Vatican library. As a total book nerd (and slight conspiracy theorist) the Vatican library fascinates me. I would love to have an all access pass and be able to explore everything hidden within those walls. It would be awesome!

* Here is a series by the New York Times that allows teenagers to share their coming out stories in their own words. It looks like there are new stories that are being lined up to release each day. Tomorrow’s post is a trans* teenager.

* A disturbing bill out of Tennessee that will repeal non-discrimination ordinances. It also includes a provision that will prevent trans* people from being able to change their legal documentation. This is incredibly upsetting.

*Here’s an article from the Columbia news service about trans* people fighting to have transition covered by health care. There is some potentially triggering and upsetting language in the quotes from the Family Research Council. It’s disturbing that they even quoted them as a reliable source since they are not.

What are you reading these days?