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I spend a lot of time online, and so I thought I’d take some time each week to pass along stuff that I’m reading that is making me think, making me excited, or that I found helpful. Feel free to share what you’re digging in the comments!


As a huge Phillies fan and a huge Carlos Ruiz fan I was thrilled to see this news of his re-signing this week. How many days until Spring Training??

Kaya Oakes’ wrote this heartbreakingly beautiful post about her experience as a Catholic woman taking communion from an Episcopalian woman priest. She writes with such passion and love. I always love everything she writes and this piece is no exception. She writes of longing and pain and beauty. Of the fight from the inside and of those who leave. This is a must read.

Another great post on creativity that offers some tips about how to build creativity into your lifestyle and routine. I am fascinated by the way that we talk about, think about, and DO creativity. This post is a shorter one but offers some good tips.

I love a lot of Richard Beck’s writing. In this post he is simply sharing a quote, but it is a very good quote.

Another really great post from Seth Godin about evoking online trust. I think this post speaks to developing off line relationships as well and would be especially helpful for people who are doing church planting work. The post offers some important things to think about.

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